Integrated In Your Operation
Partnered With Your People
Committed To Transparency
Coach By Example

Our Coaches should always be partnered with someone within your organisation - ideally a high-potential Superintendent or Supervisor.  This establishes your ownership of the improvement process and ensure that learnings are captured within the organisation.

Together, these partners are the team that leads the day-to-day improvement effort in a specific operating area (e.g. Process Plant or Maintenance) or for a specific issue (e.g. Debottlenecking or Cost Control).  Your personnel bring technical expertise and familiarity with local systems and people.  We bring a proven process, practical tools and effective coaching.

It might seem like a minor point but we think it's critical for the team to share a common office - a team room.  Working side by side fosters good communication and close cooperation.  It also provides the best environment for informal daily coaching.




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