Robin Schleich (Director)
David Sword (Director)
Ryan Sword (Director)
Vinton Carter
Johan du Toit
Abel Da Fonseca
Scott Hastie
Kevin Jarvie
Phil Kearney
Sab Werner

We don’t think you should pay consultants to learn how your business works.   We’re a specialist firm of senior and seasoned coaches who focus exclusively on operations:

  • We all have deep operations experience – often from line roles – so we understand what it means to work on site.
  • We’ve each been part of successful transformations at operations around the world – so we know what it takes to deliver results in an operating environment.
  • We’re all passionate about operations – and think we’ve got the credibility to earn your team’s respect from Day 1.

 The Coaches profiled here are the same ones who will work alongside your team each day.



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