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Maintenance Effectiveness is a way of engaging all Maintenance personnel to address the underlying processes that drive improved reliability and reduced costs. 

There are typically 3 potential areas of Maintenance Effectiveness focus:

  • Work management process - improving gaps in the process: from identification through planning, scheduling and work execution to job completion.
  • Equipment reliability - addressing the major causes of bottleneck equipment downtime with sustainable solutions. 
  • Failure root cause analysis (RCA) - streamlining the RCA process, improving RCA analysis and ensuring corrective actions are effective and audited.

Maintenance Effectiveness is:

  • Fact-based - improvements are tracked and measured using Maintenance KPIs and downtime system data.
  • Inclusive - based on input from all Maintenance team members, stores personnel and Operations coordinators.
  • Practical - Maintenance leadership prioritise improvements with the greatest impact in the shortest timeframe.
  • Transparent - process makes it easy for everyone, from GM to specialist, to understand what the focus is and why.


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