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Maintenance Effectiveness engages front-line Maintenance personnel, Superintendents and Managers in a 4-step process that varies by focus area:

Work Management Process 

  1. Conduct gap analysis to assess current vs. optimum process using "Brown Paper" method.
  2. Identify and prioritise specific improvements to address gaps.
  3. Develop implementation plans and identify Idea Leaders to champion improvements.
  4. Implement improvements and measure results - refine improvement as needed.

Equipment Reliability

  1. Develop driver tree of equipment downtime for bottleneck plant area.
  2. Generate ideas for top key equipment from driver tree.
  3. Select top ideas and develop implementation plans with Idea Leaders.
  4. Implement improvements and monitor results; test PM plans using FMEA.

Failure Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  1. Define current RCA process and tools; conduct gap analysis to best practice.
  2. Confirm steps and associated responsibilities for each RCA task.
  3. Agree changes to streamline the RCA process and improve quality of analysis.
  4. Implement simple tracking tool for corrective action follow-up and audit.  

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