Some of the most popular training modules are listed below.  All modules are yours to keep - so you can embed continuous improvement as part of the way your organisation does business.  

Improvement Tools  

  • Using Control Process Management (CPM) to improve operational stability
  • Reducing unnecessary Equipment Hire costs
  • Improving Contractor Management to reduce unnecessary spend
  • Conducting effective 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Improving Planned Shutdown effectiveness
  • Embedding effective Cost Reviews

Improvement Skills

  • Developing Driver Trees
  • Building your Process Mapping skills
  • Creating useful Implementation Plans
  • Understanding the Alignment process
  • Facilitating Sustainability Assessments

Individual Disciplines

  • Running effective Meetings
  • Improving daily Workplanning effectiveness
  • Using Outlook to be more productive
  • Making better PowerPoint presentations
  • Improving your Verbal Communication skills

 Improvement Ideas

  • Generating & Prioritising Ideas
  • Writing up Idea Charters
  • Fast-tracking Idea implementation
  • Tracking Idea results
  • Conducting Idea Leader Check-Ins
  • Making Ideas sustainable

Improvement Assessments

  • Assessing Safety improvement opportunities 
  • Assessing Cost Control improvement opportunities 
  • Assessing Debottlenecking improvement opportunities
  • Assessing Maintenance Effectiveness improvement opportunities
  • Assessing Alignment improvement opportunities

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