Integrated In Your Operation
Partnered With Your People
Committed To Transparency
Coach By Example

Teams need to reports directly to the Manager of the area they're working in.  The Manager is accountable for achieving improved results: the team is a resource to help make it happen.  The team coordinates the area's improvement effort and engages area personnel in the process to deliver results.

Wherever possible, the team should be located in the operational area - not in administration buildings or boardrooms.  Teams work best when they're near the Superintendents, the people making the day-to-day operational decisions.

Embedding the team close to the Superintendents make it part of the area leadership group - physically and mentally.  It also helps establish the team room as the "hub" of the area's improvement effort.  The best team rooms are busy hives of activity - with area personnel frequently dropping in to exchange information and ideas.





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