Our Approach – We Coach
Formal Skills Training
Hands-on Coaching
Competency Assessments

Our Coaches work alongside your people each day, providing hands-on support in 5 ways:

  • Listening 1st - we start with the view that your organisation has tools and systems that are effective now - or were in the past.  We want to understand these and see how we can build on them.  We don't need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Coaching behind the scenes - your people should be the visible face of the improvement effort.  Rather than leading meetings ourselves, we work with attendees beforehand to prepare the inputs and anticipate issues that might arise and give feedback afterwards.
  • Working at all levels - improved results require change throughout the organisation.  We coach at all levels - helping each individual develop and use their own toolkit so they can be more effective.
  • Challenging objectively - we help foster a culture of fact-based rigor.  Testing problem-solving, priorities and pace quickly becomes contagious and raises performance standards - and expectations - throughout the organisation.
  • Leading by example - sometimes improved results just require more horsepower.  Working as part of your team, we'll provide the analytic and implementation support - letting your people focus on the changes that deliver results.

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