Our Approach – We Coach
Formal Skills Training
Hands-on Coaching
Competency Assessments

Training sessions provide a broad understanding of the improvement toolkit to a wide audience within your organisation. Formal Skills Training modules have been developed to build capabilities across 5 areas:

  • Improvement Skills
  • Improvement Tools
  • Improvement Ideas
  • Improvement Assessments
  • Individual Disciplines 

Training Modules are customised for different audiences - from Management Teams to operating crews.  Modules are short (less than 1 hour) and highly interactive - the intent is to engage participants to trial the tools and learn some tips first-hand.

We take a "Train the Trainer" approach - coaching your people to facilitate the training.  All training modules are yours to keep - so you can continue to train your own people.  Some sites have incorporated the modules in their induction training - making the improvement toolkit "the way we do business" for all new employees.



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