How Can It Help You?
What Is It?
How Does It Work?
What Do You Get Out Of It?
Business Planning
Cost Control
Maintenance Effectiveness


  • A clear, specific, and fact-based statement of your organisation's improvement potential.

Specific End Products:

  • Gap analysis - completed for the key drivers of your business.
  • Size of the improvement prize - quantifies the improvement potential in dollars.
  • Implementation Roadmap - details the steps to capture the improvement potential.
  • Diagnostic Report - summarises the approach and analysis completed during the week.

Your Organisation's Ownership:

  • The Diagnostic team includes 3-4 of your people - this builds ownership from Day 1.
  • Front-line personnel, Superintendents and Managers give input throughout - they identify the solutions.
  • Analysis at the Diagnostic Workshop is presented by your people - it's their story.

Your People's Skills:

  • Team members are trained on the Diagnostic process and tools.
  • Skills Checklist and daily coaching ensure all skills are understood and demonstrated during the week.


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