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  • A sustainable step change in production - significant and measurable.
  • Operational stability - consistent and reliable production around your daily targets.

Specific End Products:

  • Working driver trees - an indispensable tool to quantify and prioritise your volume drivers.
  • 4 embedded processes to drive continuous production improvements:   
      1. Volume Diagnostic - a quarterly check-in to confirm the highest impact drivers.
      2. Ideas Pipeline - an ongoing process to prioritise ideas that tackle the top volume drivers.
      3. KPI reviews - a weekly process to focus leaders on the critical volume driver trends.
      4. Control Process Management - a daily process that engages crews to address KPI variances.

  • Implemented production ideas - all documented, quantified, approved and tracked.

Your Organisation's Ownership:

  • Facilitated by a combined Operations/Lodestone team - builds ownership from Day 1.
  • Operations leadership approves all improvement ideas - before they can be implemented.
  • Operations personnel lead each improvement idea - builds skills and exposure to the process.
  • Operations personnel report the results - uses existing systems and ensures credibility.

Your People's Skills:

  • Formal training - Operations personnel receive formal training on all processes and tools. 
  • Hands-on coaching - Facilitation team provides daily support to Idea Leaders and Operations personnel.


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