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  • Bottom-line cost savings - significant, measurable and sustainable reductions that deliver on your targets.

Specific End Products: 

  • Implemented cost reduction ideas - the "building blocks" of the cost saving effort: all documented and tracked.
  • Tools to manage critical costs before they're incurred (e.g. equipment hire, reagents, contractors).
  • Embedded cost disciplines (e.g. cost reviews focused on actions for the biggest controllable cost variances).

Your Organisation's Ownership:

  • Prioritisation - managers approve all cost improvement initiatives before they can be implemented.
  • Implementation - improvements are led by your people to build skills and exposure to the process.
  • Results - your people do the reporting; a relevant manager must formally approve any dollar savings.

Your People's Skills: 

  • Cost diagnostics - conducting gap analysis to identify the biggest cost control opportunities for future focus.
  • Improvement ideas - progressing ideas through 4 stages: prioritisation, quantification, scoping and approval.
  • Implementation - accelerating implementation and maximising the savings from a cost idea.
  • Variance analysis - identifying and implementing actions to reduce the biggest cost variances.

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