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Competency Assessments

Competency Self-Assessments enable your people to identify and address gaps in their use of toolkit items.  We recommend a 4-step process to roll-out the Self-Assessments:

1. Introduce Self-Assessments upfront- lets individuals know what skills they can expect to develop.

2. Gauge progress monthly - individuals do a Self-Assessment to identify their gaps against 2 criteria:
- Do I understand how to use this toolkit item
- Have I demonstrated competency of this item?

3. Address gaps in the field - facilitation teams help individuals use new skills to drive real improvements

4. Provide feedback to build skills - ongoing feedback helps individuals optimise their use of toolkit items.

Self-Assessments make skill development transparent, objective and personal.  They are also a great way to create a group of improvement leaders within your organisation.

These tools are yours to keep.  Some organisations have incorporated Self-Assessments into their performance reviews.  Making toolkit competency a requirement for advancement drives a culture of continuous improvement.



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