Integrated In Your Operation
Partnered With Your People
Committed To Transparency
Coach By Example

We believe improvement work should be visible and accessible across the organisation.  If we're trying to improve operating performance together shouldn't everyone be aware of it so they can contribute?

All our work emphasises openness, communication and workforce engagement:

  • Diagnostic - findings are developed together; roadmap is debated in a leadership team workshop

  • Business Planning - the entire organisation is updated on progress each quarter

  • Alignment - business units set their own Monthly Priorities and communicate them widely

  • Debottlenecking - driver trees build on your team's technical knowledge, systems and data

  • Cost Control - your personnel prioritise, approve, implement and track each cost idea.

Our experience has shown us that complete transparency is the best way to build ownership and enthusiasm for the improvement effort.  We try to make our commitment to transparency highly visible: each team's weekly workplan is posted on the wall, daily workplans are written up on whiteboards and team room doors are always open.


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