Integrated In Your Operation
Partnered With Your People
Committed To Transparency
Coach By Example

Our Coaches lead by example.  We can't expect your team to trial new tools if we aren't committed to using them ourselves.  Working together, you will see that we try to live by the same daily disciplines:

  • Safety 1st - acting safely and looking out for the safety of others is our #1 priority.  Always. 
  • Prioritisation - we set Monthly Priorities and use weekly and daily workplans.

  • Language - we use "effective" verbs that clarify outcomes (e.g. "complete" not "review").

  • Performance reviews - we focus on formal 360 feedback as well as informal direct feedback.

  • Meetings - we set agendas, circulate follow up actions and try to be on time for all meetings.

  • Focus on results - we set aggressive goals and report our progress weekly.

We don't pretend to get these right all the time.  But our Coaches will lead by example in working with your team.



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