Business Planning
How Can It Help You?
What Is It?
How Does It Work?
What Do You Get Out Of It?
Cost Control
Maintenance Effectiveness

In our view, a Business Plan sets out an organisation's goals and the actions to achieve them.

We build on your existing planning processes with 3 proven Business Plan principles:

1.  Keep it simple

  • Use a "plan on a page" format - it forces prioritisation and is easy to communicate.
  • Focus on KPIs and the actions to achieve them - otherwise it is not really a plan.
  • Prioritise - ask "what are the critical few priorities that we must accomplish this year?" 

2.  Cascade them to all business units

  • Engagement - a business unit-created plan generates bottom up credibility and workforce ownership. 
  • Accountability - is everyone working to deliver the organisation's top objectives?

3.  Commit to using them throughout the year

  • Review - check progress quarterly and re-prioritise if the business environment changes.
  • Communicate - update the organisation regularly:  What Business Plan items are on track? At risk? Changed?

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