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We have supported Business Planning with organisations ranging from the world's largest mining companies to small, independent manufacturers.

We advocate a 5-step Business Planning process:

  1. Consolidate the inputs
    Assemble background documents that provide context for the upcoming year (e.g. corporate letters of intent, recent audits, last year's Business Plan, organisational appraisals).

  2. Develop a "skeleton" Business Plan
    Engage the Management Team to outline an 80% accurate organisational plan to provides direction for business units plans.  Use the process to get resolution of thorny issues that cross organisational boundaries.

  3. Assist business units to develop their own Plans
    Work with your teams to develop business unit plans that cascade from the organisational plan.  Agree individual accountabilities for plan items and formally approve plans with the General Manager.

  4. Communicate widely
    Roll-out the plans to everyone in the organisation.  Invest the time in face-to-face sessions to answer questions.  Assist Superintendents to lead the communications as owners of the business unit Plans.

  5. Check-in quarterly
    Formally review progress against the plans each quarter.  Update the plans with "traffic lights" to report status.  Communicate back to the entire organisation to promote accountability and reinforce that the plans matter.

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