Business Planning
How Can It Help You?
What Is It?
How Does It Work?
What Do You Get Out Of It?
Cost Control
Maintenance Effectiveness

Most organisations have some sort of Business Plan in place.

Too often though Business Plans are of limited use: announced with great fanfare, they are posted and then ignored.  Instead of galvanising everyone on a clear direction, they foster confusion and cynicism.

Our Business Planning approach addresses 4 critical issues that leaders raise with us:

  • "Our Business Plan highlights our KPIs - but not the actions to achieve them."

  • "We develop a good Business Plan - but we don't actually use it during the year."

  • "Our Business Plan has way too much on it - it's demoralising from Day 1."

  • "I want business units to create their own plans - to show what they're doing to deliver our overall objectives."


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