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What Is It?
How Can It Help You?
How Does It Work?
What Do You Get Out Of It?


  • Better alignment - tangible evidence that the top business priorities cascade to all levels in your organisation.
  • Consistent discipline - an embedded process across all business units to set, deliver and report Monthly Priorities.
  • Workload management - a transparent way to de-prioritise lower-value work within business units.
  • Better delivery - Monthly Priority completion rates are a good measure of business unit effectiveness.
  • Effective meetings - key meetings formalised to include a focus on status of Monthly Priorities.

Specific End Products: 

  • Embedded, fully rolled out Alignment process in all business units.
  • Sustainable tools - simple, standard 1-page templates for all business units.

Your Organisation's Ownership: 

  • Facilitated by 1 person from your organisation partnered with a Lodestone Coach - builds ownership from Day 1.
  • Driven by business units - they set, review and track their own Monthly Priorities.
  • GM/CEO involvement - formally approves all business unit Monthly Priorities.
  • Alignment Handbook - a reference guide for new employees that details the process and tools. 

 Your People's Skills: 

  • Formal training - all business unit personnel are formal trained on the process and tools.
  • Hands-on coaching - team assists business unit personnel as they set and review Monthly Priorities.
  • Sustainability self-assessments - business units identify their own gaps and improvement opportunities.



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